Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It seems that I've been amiss in keeping up with the blogging.

But, in all fairness, I've had the following superawesome and completely un-awesome events happen:

  1. Gotten engaged! Woo!
  2. Planning a wedding for July (more on that in a moment).
  3. Gave notice at my job. That was actually bittersweet.
  4. Summer term at school = fun times.
In case you can't tell, I'm that person that likes to make lists. It's soothing and, actually one of the things that the physician I work with has complimented me on, because he loves my (as he puts it) "meticulous-bordering-on-psychopathic organizational skills". But, I also know when to let go and make peace with things that aren't tidy. My doc is brilliant, moody and socially awkward; I'm the only person who enjoys working with him because I've adapted to his working style. Most of the other staff have become intimidated by him because he's gruff; I'm gruffer. He's already having separation anxiety about my replacement. I really will miss him and a cluster of my BFF coworkers because they get it and we can laugh about all the nonsense.

So, the soon-to-be Mr. Somnambulant proposed to me a few weeks ago in a really special and wonderful way. I'm not one for gushing, but we've been together for a long time and I'm extremely happy. It's been full on crazy ever since with visits to my parents, his parents and several phone calls regarding dresses, cakes and various bridal whatnot. I have been very firm about the fact that when I am in school, that is going to be the most important thing going down for the next 1.5 years and as such, was not in the least interested in planning a wedding during that time. So, in the wake of the realization that our parents wanted a big wedding in my hometown (my father is too ill to travel) and we wanted something small/intimate in a place that is special to us, combined with my school obligations plus a little bit of practicality (read: he will be my sole support and has rockin' health insurance through his employer), we've opted to compromise. On my short break from school, we, plus two friends will travel to said special place & get hitched (which is NOT Vegas, just in case you wondered). I'm pretty excited for this because we get the best of both worlds, with a lot of small touches that although our parents would never fully object to, I don't think is in their vision of a wedding. This way, the mister & I spend a lot less money, have a great long weekend, get back to the grind with silly grins on our faces. Then, after I graduate, we have this fancy fete where I wear a poofy dress, we have a lovely time with a bunch of family, friends and people our parents know and the whole nine of videographer, photographer & the like while I can still put a personal touch on things that everyone is happy with and our parents pay for the bash. Everyone wins. Still, even though the wedding for this summer is quite small, there is still a lot to do. Long-distance at that.

Needless to say, there is all of this (and more) going on right now. Luckily, there is a lot of good. I'm happy about that. I've been hearing a lot about how lucky I am right now. I don't know about luck, but I have an enormous amount of gratitude for how well everything is fitting into place right now. We've worked hard as a couple to be ready for marriage and I know that I'm marrying the person I'll spend my entire life with. I've worked exceptionally hard to get into my nursing program. I've pushed every day, and started pushing even harder once I was diagnosed with RA because I know how easy it can be to give in to pain. I'll keep pushing, because I don't see any other option.

Take a note, fibro whiners. Life is so much better this way.

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