Sunday, September 7, 2008

Well, I will say this: I am thoroughly tuckered.

It's been a long, exciting week full of a mad rush of things. So far, I'm enjoying the classes, my classmates and the two professors that are currently teaching my classes. One is younger, was a rehab nurse and just received her MSN about a year ago. The other is a seasoned psych nurse who still works PRN at the local Big Hospital and also worked for my state's BON for a number of years. They're both different and like to emphasize different things for different reasons. So far, despite being overwhelmed, I'm happy.

I'm actually just taking a break from studying for a test I have tomorrow on nursing theory. I get that it's necessary to learn, but it is dry reading to me. We had a review the other day, set up Jeopardy style. I ended up with some decent cash, but not enough to earn the NANDA Diagnosis book that was 1st prize. Mine was a pen that looks like a syringe with some metallic red fluid floating about in it.

Up on the block for this week: aforementioned test, assessment, vitals and CPR certification as a class (I know most schools require certification before entry, but my university was finding that people who came in certified via work or whatever were expiring partway into the program, so this is easier for uniformity's sake). The week after, we have our first clinical date. I'm really holding back on the exclamation points here, guys.

Annnnnd, that test won't study for itself.

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