Sunday, October 26, 2008

I come here often to at least make an attempt at blogging. Twice I've fallen asleep and more than a few times I've started for a minute and lost the mojo. Working on that.

For all of my unusual (for my cynical self) hopefulness in the last entry, I'm much more worn now. And it's okay; I'm expecting this as the ebb-and-flow of things. Things are really starting to click and that's what matters. And hey, we've finally gotten some fall weather here in the warm & humid state. That alone perks my mood a bit.

It's been a hard couple of weeks though. My first care plan deadline looms a few days away. I have a quiz tomorrow on lab values, a Fundamentals theory test on Tuesday , care plan Wednesday, clinicals Thursday and a Pharm test Friday. So, I knew this was coming, but I was still ill-prepared. It's also been a tough week emotionally. One of my classmates' parents died suddenly, so most of my class skipped a clinical day to be at the funeral and give her some support. She's just had a rough time for the past year or so and needed to know she has an extended family.

I worked out the study issues from the last entry and thankfully enough, amicably parted from one person in my group, sat another down and gave her a reality check and added a couple of low-maintenance people. I really don't mind helping people as long as they want help and don't elicit the do-it-for-me vibe of desperation. I realize that people have to do what it takes to get by in school, but have a little bit of class and integrity. As I was writing this, I started receiving a litany of texts. Phone is now off as I'm doing my own work and getting some downtime at some point. I want to help, but I also want to set boundaries on the smattering of private time I occasionally get.

Clinicals have been going well. Classes for the most part are going well, except for the shareaholics that just won't shut up. I know that people get excited when they hear something familiar, but it's gotten out of hand. No. More. Stories. And and and, just for extra giggles, stop giving your rationale on every test question you get wrong. It takes up so much class time and you've still gotten it wrong.

I'm getting drowsy as I type. Maybe a short nap before getting back to the care plan.

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